First Glimpse for Secret Friday the 13th Teaser

Jason Voorhees rises once more to butcher those that dare trespass at Camp Crystal Lake. We are proud to announce the teaser for Friday the 13th will be available to the public on Friday, October 13, 2017. We ask you to support the launch by sharing it through social media channels before, and on the launch date. The trailer is currently available through the official website,

“Friday the 13th is one of the longest-running film franchises of all time and fans have long awaited Jason’s return to the big screen,” says Nick Merola, Director of the ‘Friday’ teaser. “The purpose of the trailer is to announce the return of this slasher legend and to let the fans know they have not been forgotten – Jason lives!”

We encourage everyone to follow our social media channels and look for future updates on the return of hockey masked slasher including future casting and release dates. @F13Film

The teaser was Written and Directed by Nick Merola, produced by Marc F. Baill and brilliantly shot by Alexa Carroll. The trailer stars Caitlin Spinella and features Russell Dieterle as the infamous killer. It was shot in New Jersey at Camp Nyoda – August 2017

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