Film-A-Thon 2011

Come one, come all to the Film-A-Thon 2011 on Friday, May 6th from 8:30 p.m.-11:30 p.m. at the eGARAGE in Long Island City, 44-02 23rd Street Suite 104. To get there check out for more information.

Episode 1 will be premiering along with an extended trailer showcasing “Calloway“, showcasing the aftermath of “Batman: Hothouse” into “Escalation”; and “Pale Moonlight”, Batman’s good-bye to Catwoman before leaving Gotham City.

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Matthew Rappaport – Zack Abramowitz – Jack Gattanella – Alex Valderana

An Evening of their works together for the 1st time in 1 location in NEW YORK CITY —- Come one, Come all – Bring your friends, family & your friends’ families! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll have an EPIC time.

We’ll all be there waiting to see you and bring smiles to your faces!

Program Line-Up:

Kyle Sands: Raptor Hunter [Written & Directed by Zack Abramowitz]
(World Premiere)

Lines of Glory [Written & Directed by Zack Abramowitz & Jack Gattanella]

Nightwing: Escalation [Written & Directed by Alex Valderana]
(World Premiere)

Yoko/Schmono [Written & Directed by Matthew Rappaport]
(World Premiere)

Tickets will be available for pre-order online shortly as well as at the event. It will sell out fast so buy them early and if it does – we will add shows (possibly 1 the same night and/or the next night – based on demand from YOU!)

Thanks and Definitely share this with others — everyone is invited and we’re excited we can bring you this event! Stick around after the show for perhaps some drinks!

To Check out the Venue!

See you there!

-Matt, Zack, Jack & Alex

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