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No April Fool’s joke here. These are legitimate trailers to fan made web series or short films that are to be released on the horizon. Fan Films can be a fickle lot. At times there’s a glut of professional productions and other times these babies are released in a wave of vengeance. It looks to be as the year proceeds we’re going to be treated to some quality, online delights. Let’s take a sneak peak to what to expect later in the year.

Batman: Hothouse creator Alex Valderana is taking it up a notch with his highly ambitious web series Nightwing: Escalation. We’ve seen the character of Nightwing in a few fan films before, but never in anything that made the character shine.

There is a mysterious European killer slashing her way through the elderly in Gotham City. Her name is “The Scalpel”. Batman must track her and defeat her, all the while making an exit to deal with Justice League business overseas to leave Gotham in the hands of his protégé, Nightwing.


An additional web series on the way spotlights another DC character that just hasn’t gotten the exposure she so well deserves. Her name is Black Canary produced by Harvey Chin starring the beautiful and sexy Ashley Buurma. After many false starts Chin tells the FFF it’s full speed ahead. This trailer was designed to show at this year’s WonderCon in San Francisco, California. Chin also tells us he’s actively looking for more volunteers in the bay area in different capacities for the series (actors, crew, stunts).


I played a version of the game one time on a friend’s Sony Playstation several years ago. It was a great game, but never found time to go back and explore it. I even dug the Hollywood movie that came out in 2006. I know a lot of the diehard fans were disappointed with it. Such is the continuing cycle of video games to films. The game I speak of is Silent Hill. Nathan A. Quattrini has put together his fan-made Silent Hill vision he calls The Confined directed and filmed by Leo Kei Angelos.Below is the first three minutes of the film. The entire short will be released the end of 2011.

Speaking of Leo Kei Angelos. If you haven’t been paying attention he’s the director and cinematographer of the previous mentioned Silent Hill creation. It seems that Mr. Angelos has been very busy in the world of fan film putting his own vision on another video game property in the fashion of the Bioware property Dragon Age. The trailer for this fifteen minute short looks insanely fantastic.

You may or may not care that I’ve never been a big fan of the Matrix films. All I can say is too bad. It’s my site and I’ll cry if I want to.

I always felt the Matrix films were style over substance. More so with the two follow up releases in form of Reloaded and Revolutions. Sorry. You can hate me. They were terrible. I’m still trying to figure out who controls the Keanu Reeves puppet.

But maybe there is hope for the Matrix franchise. Maybe this fan film should be called Matrix: Redemption. I shall call it that. Keep in mind that the real name for this French production is titled Kaydara. And holly crap! Fans did this? The effects are beyond amazing. The same can be said for the original trilogy. I’ll give it that. Now if we can find a really good story from out of this universe this fan film is going to rock and roll.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

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