Fan Film Friday Featured at Farpoint

Fan Film Friday, one of the regular features on the Fan Film Follies Website, will put on one of the first programs this weekend at Farpoint, a well-known fan-run Star Trek and science-fiction convention held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel north of Baltimore, Maryland February 17-19.

Beginning at 6 p.m., FFFriday Columnist Randy Hall will be showing a four-hour block of some of the best independent productions, ranging from the Klingon version of the Kobayashi Maru test to a live-action adventure of Green Lantern John Stewart, a comedy science-fiction series named Voyage Trekkers that’s actually funny, and Aurora, a computer-generated look at civilian life in the Star Trek universe.

But that’s not all. A variety of other independent productions will be shown during the rest of the weekend, and you can check the schedule at this link.

For those of you unfamiliar with Farpoint, the convention is billed as “Baltimore fans’ family reunion” and covers of all genres of imaginative fiction – science fiction, fantasy, horror, superheroes – in all the media formats in which they might appear.

This year’s celebrity guests are Michael Hogan (Saul Tigh on Battlestar: Galactica), Kate Vernon (who played Saul’s wife “Ellen” in Galactica), and Kristin Bauer (Pam in the True Blood series).

If you’re a Fan Fillm Follies enthusiast, fell free to introduce yourself to Randy on Friday or other times during the convention (but please not during the Friday night fan festival).

Hope to see you there!

FARPOINT is an annual gathering for fans of all genres of imaginative fiction – Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, SuperHeroes – in all the media formats in which they might appear – Cinematic Movies, Television, Direct to DVD , Books on Tape, Podcasts, Web Video – you name it, we want to celebrate it!

The con was established in 1993, by a committee led by Bev Volker and Steve Wilson.

Our focus is on Fandom, and all the wonderful, creative people who comprise it. Our mission is to encourage, to educate, to enable. So, while we certainly bring in some exciting professionals from the industries which bring imagination into the mainstream, our real goal is to give you the opportunity to meet others like yourself, to forge friendships, and to develop your own creative gifts.

We’re here to welcome you, so, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, drop us a line. We’re always happy to help.

To learn more about this event and all the fun stuff happening this weekend at the Farpoint Convention link over to the official site.

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