Fan Film Follies Giveaway Coming Friday, April 9th

Fan Film Follies in partnership with presents the iClone Fan Film Challenge contest starting Friday, April 9th, 2010. We want your fan film ideas and how the iClone4 software could be used to make those ideas a reality. The winners of the contest will get a free license for the iClone Pro software. Interested? Check back this coming Friday for more details and official rules.


The iClone4 product is a 3D movie making tool that combines video production with real-time 3D animation all while connecting video footage to 3D VFX, real-time HDR (High Dynamic Range), and 3D video compositing. All this empowers people to create fast 3D movies through simple drag and drop mechanics.


Watch many more examples and learn more about the software at the iClone YouTube site.

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