Doctor Who: The Nth Regeneration

Nathan Mullins stars as the Nth Doctor, in a new fan series of Doctor Who, broadcast on you tube. With two episodes having now aired, and another eleven episodes to go, this series follows the example of the official BBC Television Series, in length, style, and format.

Throughout the series, the Doctor encounters several familiar enemies, the Daleks, Cybermen, Zygons, and Master, and some new dangers also, such as Ec Check Black – a character taken from a piece of fan fiction written by Nathan and submitted on, and Sharakaz – a deadly mind parasite.

In the first few episodes, the Doctor is traveling alone, and behaves erratically, his regeneration having not gone smoothly. The Doctor, as played by Nathan Mullins, is a young Writer and Actor, and has submitted fiction for a variety of websites, such as the Doctor Who Ratings Guide, Time Agent Magazine, Inferno,, and other non who/ who related websites. In producing, directing, scripting, and starring in his own Doctor Who series, Nathan has always intended to ‘give it a go’, and was inspired by those doing so already – Tony Coburn, Jaime Carroll, and others alike. Nathan has also appeared in two college productions, ‘My Big Challenge’, and ‘Confession’.

Each individual episode is under ten minutes, and the themes are light, fun, and – low budget makes for some creativity being put to use. In Episode One, the Doctor has changed his appearance, again. Now to be found on Earth, and escaping the like of a mysterious entity looking to destroy him, he must first work out who he is, who he has to guide, if not himself, and save the Earth from his own regenerative energy. With no TARDIS, he has but a faithful friend – his sonic screwdriver, but almost nearly dies. Having completed his Earth mission, he longs to find his ship, and so searches the city until he should find it. Ultimately, he does, and journeys on.

In the following episode, the Doctor is teleported to Earth, and, still coming to terms with his regeneration and time travel, he quickly adjusts to soon look to those who have brought him to Bradstow/ Broadstairs in Kent. He runs into UNIT, who are on the look-out for an alien sword. They soon find it on a war-torn beach, and then ask his reasons for being there. But the Doctor cannot fully explain, for he is a new man, full of new ideas. He is a little eccentric, crazy, and often absurd. But he knows of the Sword, and that of the power it holds. So he warns UNIT officers Luther and Kenworthy, and they take his advice. They become allies, and they begin by dealing with that of the monsters they soon come up against.

With the next episode in the series due to be released soon, the Doctor is again caught up in terrifying danger, and up against the Master who on this occasion is acting on the orders of a mysterious entity from the stars.

You can seek and the first two episodes Nth Generation YouTube channel.

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