Doctor Robbins Barstow Tribute

I just learned and am extremely saddened that film maker Doctor Robbins Barstow passed away on November 7th of 2010 at the age 91. Mr. Barstow brought the world one of the first of what we call fan films that have gained some popularity since the conception of the internet. Over his many years he had also shot a plethora of footage of his family and the vacations they took with one particular adventure called “Disneyland Dream” being named into the National Film Registry. My Fan Film Podcast co-host Fanboy Will and I had the very good pleasure to speak with Doctor Barstow in early 2009. In honor of this great man I wish to revisit the podcast that he appeared as well as his fan film, “Tarzan and the Rocky Gorge”.

To learn more about Mr. Barstow’s achievements you can link onto his obituary.


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Tarzan and the Rocky Gorge

Disneyland Dream

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