Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Sneak Peak

Principal photography for the new Buck Rogers in the 25th Century internet series began the last week of September, announced Cawley Entertainment Company and Retro Film Studios, LLC today.

The series, licensed by the Dille Family Trust, stars Bobby Quinn Rice as “Buck” and is based on the “Generation One” Buck Rogers franchise. Already tagged “Buck Rogers Begins” by fans because of it’s portrayal of Buck as he was portrayed in the comic books, Senior Executive Producer James Cawley said: “Previous filmed incarnations never really captured the original Buck from the comic strips, which is what we aim to do.”

Buck Rogers, originally created in 1928 by Philip Francis Nowlan, and then later serialized by John F. Dille of the Dille Syndication Company, has seen various incarnations of the character in print and on film. This is the first live action series of Buck Rogers in nearly 30 years and will bring Buck back to his beginnings: telling the story from the perspective of a 22 year old Buck Rogers who leaves World War One and is propelled into the 25th Century.

The pilot episode explores Buck’s life both leading up to and just after being propelled into the 25th century. September filming focused on Buck Rogers’ life at home in the early 20th century, with the Penfield Museum in Crown Pointe, NY serving as the location for the Rogers’ family farm.

Also starring Gil Gerard, well known as “Buck Rogers” from the 1979 Larson/Mantley television series, and Erin Gray (“Wilma Deering” of the same series) as Buck’s parents, the September filming was also attended by franchise owner, Flint Dille. All three reported being captivated by the story the new internet series is telling, with Gerard commenting “This is the story I wish we had been able to tell”, and Dille marveling: “This is the first time I’ve been introduced to Buck before he was frozen, and I really like him.”

The pilot introduces Samantha Gray as Buck’s girlfriend “Madison Gale” and Nick Santamaria as his brother “Tony”.

The remainder of the pilot will be filmed in the coming months, with the initial distribution anticipated for September 2010.

More information can be obtained by reaching James Cawley or visiting www.buckrogersbegins.com.

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