Anakin’s Assignment

Writer-Director Candy Wilder presents “Anakin’s Assignment,” a truly unique Star Wars fan film. It is a fanciful “what-if” tale about friendship, self-confidence, and doing the right thing. Set in the childlike fantasy town of Shadowbrook, “Anakin’s Assignment” playfully pokes at our concepts of fiction and reality. Co-Producer Fred Wilder gives the film a distinctive visual style, reminiscent of films by directors like Michel Gondry and Wes Anderson.

“Anakin’s Assignment” is a passion project that fulfills a decades-long dream for Ms. Wilder. She explores an idea untouched in any other medium, whether it be the Star Wars films and TV series, authorized stories, or fan films: What happens to Anakin Skywalker *after* he becomes a Force Ghost? And would happen if you actually met your favorite fictional character, and found out he was real?

The Force Ghost of Anakin Skywalker discovers that staying on the Light Side isn’t a free ride, when he is ordered to serve fourteen billion hours of community service. He is assigned to Millie Bjorklund, a young woman from Earth who is a Star Wars fan and aspiring playwright. Anakin finds her to be as rebellious and “snippy” as other women he’s known. The two develop a “big brother-little sister” rapport, which is put to the test when Millie’s egotistical boyfriend arrives on the scene…

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Candy Wilder is an independent filmmaker from Fullerton, California. In 2011, she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications: Radio-TV-Film from California State University, Fullerton. Ms. Wilder has co-produced many short films with her husband, artist and director Fred Wilder.

Ms. Wilder’s two previous short films, “Label Horrors” and “The Ginger Bear” (2009) have screened in various film festivals internationally. “Anakin’s Assignment” is Ms. Wilder’s passion project and most ambitious work to date.

In addition to writing and directing “Anakin’s Assignment,” Ms. Wilder edited the film and created the digital visual effects. She also composed part of the music for the film.

Anakin’s Assignment FACT SHEET

TRT: 22:08 Minutes.

Jack Ritchie as Anakin Skywalker
Courtney Knight as Millie Bjorklund
Steffan Muntsinger as Alan Hornsby
Jack Ritchie as Yoda (voice)
Candy Wilder as Marina (waitress)

Written and directed by Candy Wilder
Produced by Candy Wilder and Fred Wilder
Filmed by Fred Wilder
Edited by Candy Wilder

P.O. Box 6662
Fullerton, CA. 92834

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