Actor Andrew Koenig Missing

Andrew Koenig, the video guy on “Never Not Funny,” “Boner” from “Growing Pains”, and better known to fan film fans as the “Joker” in “Batman: Dead End”, has been missing for a week. Koenig, 41, is the son of Walter Koenig (Star Trek’s Chekov) and brother-in-law of Jimmy Pardo. He was last seen February 14th in Vancouver. Information doesn’t specify if this is Canada home of the 2010 Winter Olympics or Washington.

According to who spoke with his sister “He went up to [Vancouver] to visit friends who last saw him on the 14th.” He didn’t make his flight back to the US on February 16th. The Vancouver Police are now involved, his disappearance is being blogged all over the internet and lots of people are looking. If you’ve seen Andrew since February 14th, contact Detective Raymond Payette of the Vancouver PD at 604-717-2534.

It goes without saying we hope he’s found soon and is safe.

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