A Scanner Spider-Man?

This news item comes from our French friend Jacopo who was behind the X-Men fan film District X. He’s at it again and this time focusing his sites towards old web head. This will be a first for the fan film world as the production is going to be given an animated look in a similar format as the movie “A Scanner Darkly”.

The title of the fan film is “Spider-Man Asylum”. Jacopo tells the Fan Film Follies it will be a character-based film about sense of guilt, set in Peter’s years at ESU, following Gwen’s death. Provided are some sneak peak imagery below.




    WHERE CAN I FIND THE WHOLE FILM FAN ?…… WHY HAS THE ANTAGONIST jeans and sneakers? Ok,, maybe they had run out of money … EVEN THE FINE LOCATION ……:)!

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