Halo: Operation Chastity

Operation Chastity is perhaps one of the most ambitious fan projects ever undertaken. Operation Chastity is a planned feature film set in the Halo universe, centering on a platoon of Recon Marines of the 267th Marine Regiment. They operate in Argentina within a UNSC cordon, set up around the wreckage of the CCS-class battle cruiser “Chaste Ascendancy” following its crash-landing on Earth. Operation Chastity is their last mission in this forgotten part of the Human-Covenant War.

The film is running on an estimated budget of £30,000, and is due to be filmed in summer 2010. It is being helmed by Peter Cooper, a British Halo fan and first-time film maker. The film is being crewed by passionate fans and film makers from all around the world, reaching from the production’s home of Britain to as far as the USA and Singapore. We’re building a Warthog. We’re crafting Marine and Spartan armor. It’s a massive undertaking. But entirely worthwhile.

WEBSITE: http://operationchastity.com

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