X-Men Fan Series

After a long battle with the mutant hating Lang, the X-Men must escape the ship before it destructs. With Jean Grey being the only one strong enough to pilot the ship, an entity takes over her. The X-Men escape and crashes into a bay while Jean Grey rises, calling herself the Phoenix. This is a fan series made for fans, by fans, with no budget.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

  • art rhetoric

    This was really great, made from the heart. This was something we might have seen in the 70’s, like the Incredible Hulk -more emphasis on people instead of CGI.
    It feels more real in that aspect. I hope these folks continue to create films.

  • dee williams

    This whole series is a hoot! I really respect people who honestly love what they do. How about something with. MAGNETO or Juggernaut. next? Maybe have Prof. X a little more prominent, yes? He being so sexy and all Grrrrrrrr.

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