Ultimate Fan Fights

There has always been that debate between fanboy and fangirl on who can defeat who in the comic book world. Can Superman defeat Hulk? Can Batman defeat Captain America? And you get the idea.

Now the years of debates can be put to rest in live action goodness in the form of the fan film. IGN’s Ultimate Fan Fights, Bat in the Sun’s Super Power Beat Down and Ismahawk’s Minute Match-Ups all has the same concept, hero battles hero – or in some cases, villain. The fans vote for which character wins and which character is defeated. That is the power of the internet.

Watch two iconic characters fight for supremacy then vote on which character you think deserves to win! Created by GakAttack and Team 2x, this series centers on the popular “What If” scenarios that fans could only dream about…until now!

Some of the episodes in the shows listed take it to an extra level including your favorite science fiction and video game characters in the mix. These epic battles are indeed epic scoring over 1 million views or more per episode. That ain’t some bad YouTube money.

As you can imagine there’s not much story to these episodes. It is what it is, a few minutes of the ultimate fisticuffs. You may get some witty wordplay between the characters and some nods to their backstory depending on what episode you’re watching. The real payoff is seeing how each character’s ability squares off against their opponent’s ability.

My personal dream fight would be Slave Princess Leia and against Starfire from the Teen Titans wrestling in a pool full of Jell-O. What would yours be?

Make sure to check out each episode. If you’re not familiar with YouTube playlists there is an icon at the top left side of the video that has three horizontal lines with the last line showing a little arrow. Just click on that icon and the other episodes to choose from will appear.

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