Tomorrow’s Memoir

One of the inherent paradoxes in the life of a superhero is that his civilian identity (required so a certain healthy psychological balance is maintained) is structured on a bedrock of lies; its facade is exactly that, a mask woven from half-truths and deceit. And though all this is done for the greater good– to protect the hero’s loved ones, to ensure the hero can continue to fight the good fight without fear of compromise– the base falsity of it is inescapable.


  • tim smyth

    This is more like it. Wow, this was really impressive, just extremely touching and very well done. Oddly enough this works with none of the usual visual effects usually needed to tell a story like this.

    The idea, cinematography, acting, directing were all top notch. This is really a superior fan film. Of coarse I hated Man Of Steel, and The Dark Knight, so take from my comments what you will, but this film just had great characters, and was a complete film, not a trailer, or a very long scene, but a complete film.

    Very well done, one of the best fan films I have ever seen. The folks who made this film are probably very proud of it, as they should.

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