• scarletavenger.blogspot.com is the website for the maker of “The Scarlet Avenger”. Blinky Productions has nothing to do with the making of this. Don’t even know who they are. Also “The Scarlet Avenger” is not a fan film. It’s an original creation. There was a golden age comic character with the same name, but this was not based him and the duplication was accidental. There is no relation between the properties.

  • We changed the address to link to your site. Of course the original link was in error. And we spotlight original concepts as well as licensed character concepts. If you’re not happy with your film being spotlighted here we can certainly take it down.

  • art rhetoric

    Very faithful to the style of the old 40’s serials. Over the top acting, Lone Ranger type gun fights, a damsel in distress, hidden passage, and a kooky arch villain. :p

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