Superman: Requiem

Superman is the world’s greatest super hero, and law enforcement across the globe has come to rely on him to deal with some of the major tasks that face society. When the Man of Steel loses some of his powers after an evil villain attacks him with Kryptonite though, he must overcome his obstacles and prove he really is a super man.


  • art rhetoric

    Tuned in, not expecting more than maybe 5 mins. It was long.I could not take a break.
    Very well done. I liked the story, it didn’t feel like something whipped up.but it was a thought out and carefully filmed project.Great tribute to the early 80’s Superman.
    This will please any Superman fan, or any one that likes Independent film productions.
    5 Stars.

  • Superman is a tough character to pull off on a zero budget. The film looks beautiful. My hat is off to the Director of Photography. Good job on the sound as well. There are some really bad editing choices if you watch the film closely. At times there are just blatant inconstancies. The story does drag. A half hour running time would have been plenty. The opening credits were waaaay to long. They have some really nice locations so I applaud those as well. The acting is touch and go. I have to agree the Superman choice has no visible muscle mass. The villain is pretty boring. And why no Lois? Overall, a commendable piece of work with a multitude of effort. As a viewer I appreciated more to what I was seeing that the actual story. Nothing really made me care for any of these characters. Now I wish we can get away from the Donner movie series both in Hollywood and fan productions.

  • DingoDude

    I actually totally disagree with the above comment – I thought the editing was probably the best thing about the film, felt well cut together and the scenes flowed well, but it was let down by patchy acting, a fairly boring script and so so visuals. The FX were okay as it goes for a zero budget film and I think its easy to knock these sort of things but at least they have gone out and tried to make something fun.

  • “I think it’s easy to knock these sort of things.” Why is it when you make an honest opinion of a production and they’re not all positive observations it’s considered “knocking”? Are we not to indicate genuine feedback on what has been watched?

  • I thought that the film was basically well made, and looked good, but I didn’t like the CG gunshots, blood spurts, and visual effects in general. It is to bad, like in Hollywood, the amateurs are using CG for all of their effects needs. The credits like most amateur films were too long.

    It must be a tough life for Clark with the villains knowing who he really is, which is funny, I didn’t know they knew until 50 minutes in, unless I missed something, and I was wondering why they kept sending messages meant for Superman to Clark.

    There were a few lines that were just badly thought out, like when Perry yells he wants his best reporter on the story, after learning that Clark was on it, was he thinking that Lois still worked there? Wasn’t Clark his best reporter? Luthor explaining his plan twice in the van was kind of repetitive.

    And there’s that damn Superman kiss again, that poor girl will be wondering for years why villains are always after her.

    Overall it looked good, the acting was pretty good, Perry White coming off the best, and the filmmakers did a great job with their budget, but the ending was a little anti climatic, and there were that too many ideas we had seen before in the first two Superman films, and would have been way more fun to watch if it had new Superman action, in my honest opinion.

  • Frank Zanca

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