Star Wars: Quest of the Jedi

Over two decades ago my friend purchased a Star Wars fan film through one of the toy magazines he had a subscription through. The friend and I viewed the VHS version of the film at his home one fine Saturday afternoon. Keep in mind this was before the boom of the internet or the term “fan film” was widely known. Overall, the film had heart, but there were no computer effects like we have now, the editing was choppy and the acting was typical of what most fan films deliver today.

It was a few years ago when I started the Fan Film Follies when I asked my friend if he still had the film so I could try to get it online. He said he’d thrown it out. Both of us couldn’t even remember the title of it.

When myself and my host Fanboy Will used to produce the Fan Film Podcast one of our guests was Mr. David Noble from Stormfront Entertainment. Don’t ask me how we got on the subject, but he was able to provide a link to the cover of this lock lost, tarnished gems. BINGO! Star Wars: Quest of the Jedi and he provided I remembered the cover art to be the one from the VHS my buddy threw in the garbage.

Last year I was browsing around the internet and some one was selling a copy on DVD. I really wanted to see this again. I know it isn’t what we would expect from today’s standards.

Don’t expect anything grand, but you may be surprised what they were able to put together if you are aware of the technology for the time. This is a true find and a staple in the saga that is the history of fan film. I hope you can appreciate it as I do.

  • Strontium Black Cat

    Many many years ago when I attended a science fiction convention in Melbourne Australia this film was shown and afterwards comments were requested which we were assured would get back to the creator.

    It proved to be such a hard task that only a few tried but there was general agreement that one very painful but short remark hit the spot: “I would prefer to masturbate with a cheese grater”!

  • Indeed. It’s not a good film. Considering the time when it was made and the technology that was available I find it interesting what was created even if it’s terrible.

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