Spider-Man Peter’s Web

Respected Oscorp scientist Norman Osborn obtains super human strength and is left utterly insane after a lab experiment goes wrong. Both are coming to terms with there new found power and develop alter egos to cope with the changes they have endured. peter goes down a dark greedy path for fame where he later sees the consequences of his selfish mistakes deeming him to fight for good and use his power to help others as the Amazing Spider-Man. Norman loses his mind and tracks back to a dark memory of his abusive father locking him in a basement throughout the night where he as a young boy invisioned a green goblin creature that he now as an adult decides to become. This Green Goblin declares war on Spider-Man to prove his superiority to the webslinger and draws Spider-Man out. The two clash and engage in several battles that ultimately change both of there lives forever!

WEBSITE: http://www.bagandboardproductions.com

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