Sock Wars

Just when you are thinking there’s no good ideas left out there in the fan film community this gems comes along. The amount of work put in this series is pretty incredible.

My name is Kristian Boeker. Since 2012 I have been working on a Star Wars fan film project staring sock puppets. Sock Wars is a shot for shot remake of the original 1977 Star Wars, A New Hope. Although the film is still in production, I have been releasing 3 minute segments on YouTube just to get it out there and share it with my fellow star wars fans.

I have been working hard making sock puppets and creating original sets that stay true to the film.I have been lucky to have a helping hand a time or two, but about ninety percent of the finished segments I have created myself including working the puppets, camera, lighting, special effects, compositing, sound design, voice acting and music. I have tried to create Sock Wars as close to the original film as possible in regard to shot for shot recreation.

Why do clowns wear loud socks? To stop their feet falling asleep.

Friend kept going on about what they should do with their new spare drawer. I told them to put a sock in it.

Who is the most famous footwear philosopher? Sockrates

I was going to dump all my socks, but I got cold feet.

Did well at strip poker the other night. I played my socks off.

I used to have a few jokes about pairs of matching socks but I’ve lost one.

I’ve got an odd sock. It’s like a glove and has room for seven toes.

Who asked if it was better for a sock to be or not to be? Sockspeare

What did the hat say to the sock? “I’ll go on ahead, you go on foot”.

Saw an offer saying “buy one get one free. Whilst socks last”.

What sort of socks do pirates wear? Arrrgyle

YEAH! I stole all those jokes off the interwebs. ENJOY!

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