Silver Surfer Fan Trailer

Erik Fleming and Steven Robiner recruited a crew of friends from the USC School of Cinematic Arts and convinced Stan Lee, Marvel Studios and Eichinger to let them try their hand at a short film as a means to prove that computer-generated imagery (which was then in its infancy) could be used to create a photo-realistic silver man. Marvel agreed to let the project go forward. After filming began, Terminator 2: Judgment Day was released, featuring the chrome-like figure of T-1000. This proved that Fleming & Robiner’s theories about the possibility of rendering lifelike humanoid figures with quicksilver-like bodies were correct. The Silver Surfer short film was finished in 1992 to rave reviews. major film studios invited the crew into their offices, simply amazed as to how they completed the film with virtually no budget. When the studios found out they didn’t own the rights to the comic book, they were turned down and the studio’s interest turned to Marvel. Fleming stated, “It’s suddenly an A-list project, and they have to bring in an A-list writer, an A-list director. That’s really just how Hollywood works. We should have signed a deal ahead of time, but we were just too young and naive. A studio’s word is no good in Hollywood. All that matters is a signed piece of paper.” Upon viewing the short film Oliver Stone became interested in directing.

  • 2150dalek

    Cute short film. Advante’ gard stuff then. Could be done with Adobe After effects Today by anyone talented.
    I never seen this before. Should have been shown in movie theatres during Intermission..

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