Quantum Leap: A Leap To Di For

Sam Beckett has leapt into a 26-year-old American male on a visit to Paris, France. Finding himself with a beautiful young British girl, all seems well until Sam discovers the exact date… August 30, 1997, twenty-four hours before the death of Princess Diana.

WEBSITE: http://www.racsofilms.com

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  • Great fan film. I loved it! It’s a beautifull tribute to “Quantum Leap”!

  • IceSage

    The performance of Ziggy was spot on. Loved it. In fact, it’s the only reason why I watched this. Deborah Pratt is amazing. Not sure why she contributed to such crap, but never the less… Her performance was spot on. They could have made some more creative lines for her, however.

    Everything else was pure crap and the only thing I got out of watching this was a few laughs and chuckles at the terrible acting, terrible plot, and choice of actors.

    Hopefully someday… soon, somewhere, someone… actually creates a TV Movie that can wrap up Quantum Leap as we know it… And perhaps open up a gate for a new Quantum Leap series in some capacity.

  • LightAngelMi80

    Great fan film, but I think it needs more action like the series… I would have changed something:

    Sam doesn’t surrender, and when Lady D left the hotel with Dodi Al-Fayed (adding a sequence where they pass the turnstile, like really happened) and enters the Mercedes, Sam follows the car with a stolen motorcycle and tries to stop them, but after a chase of some km, he’s stopped by cars of Diana’s bodyguards (they think he’s a “paparazzo”) just before her car enters the tunnel and Diana dies. In the last scenes, Sam leaps into a royalty guard at her funeral in London, before Al appears saying that the mission was a success however, then Sam leaps away. For ending theme, we see some tv news with real images of Lady D leaving the hotel and other real images of 1997.

    In this movie, nice to see that Sam recognizes Sammy Jo before the leap, but it breaks tension about destiny of the princess…

    However, great job!

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