PUNISHER (Blinky Productions)

A four part series by Blinky Productions based on the Marvel Comic Book character – Punisher.

PUNISHER’79: The year is 1979. New York city has become a breeding ground for junkies, prostitutes and gang violence. And in the wake of a new decade of chaos, The Punisher stands firm in his one man war on crime. But there are some who pay anything for a man like Frank Castle to disappear. And it is those people, who have hired Jigsaw.

PUNISHER’80: Christmas Eve, 1980 – a vicious serial killer has terrorized the city of Manhattan. The cops are clueless, the media is speechless. Only one man is willing to go the distance and rid the world of this maniacal monster, and that man is Frank Castle, the Punisher.

PUNISHER’81: Prison walls were never expected to hold the Punisher. And one man, who lives without fear, knew this. Now, the horned avenger from Hell’s Kitchen tries to track down the Punisher and reason with him about his lethal and questionable methods of seeing justice through. But will Frank Castle listen?

PUNISHER’82: You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs; and in the war on crime, that’s just what the Punisher intends to do. Prepare for a body count as Frank Castle paints the town red in this final chapter of the Punisher series.

WEBSITE: http://www.blinky-productions.com

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