Mortal Kombat: Legacy Web Series

Kicking this back up to the front of the list as we added all episodes for season 2. If you haven’t had a chance yet make sure you check them out.

May 26h, 2011

Behind on your Mortal Kombat Legacy updates? Make sure you check out the new updated episodes. This series is really something.

So is the new Mortal Kombat webisode Legends series a fan film? Technically no. There’s certainly room for debate and the series does walk the fine line between fan production and fully sanctioned fodder. It’s true that the original pitch for the series back in June was a full fledged fan film. That led to the web series being produced by both Warner Brothers and To what I’ve read the guy behind the series, Kevin Tancharoen, was going to go ahead with the series regardless of the studios involvement. Fan Film or not a Fan Film? What do you think?

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