Joker Rising

Joker Rising is a full length feature fan film cluing us into the beginnings of the Joker. We get to see interesting interpretations of some of our favorite DC comic book characters.

Joker Rising is a dark and gritty feature film about the origin of the Joker. You will see who he was before he became the clown and what drove him to what exactly drove him to madness. This is a Joker centered film not a film about Bruce Wayne. It is a different take than we are used to that has more in common with Good Fellas than it does with the Dark Knight. It also will feature Harley Quinn, the Riddler, and Black Mask.

The production values may not be top notch, but the film is very good. The acting is rather solid. I can’t imagine the amount of time it must have taken to put this entire production together. It clocks in to about 83 minutes. I personally was involved in a fan film that was 80 minutes long. From concept to release it took a good three years to complete everything so I understand the work that is put into something this ambitious.

Joker Rising is definitely an Elseworld story. Don’t go in expecting the film to take too much from the comic book beyond the Batman Universe characters. This movie is its own thing.

This is not a happy, feel good movie. It gets very solemn and downright tragic at times. Dylan Hobbs plays a sympathetic Joker. He starts out as the character Cyrus and builds up to becoming the Joker. His journey to that dark place is a sad one.

There was an attempt to make a complete trilogy by writer and director Alek Gearhart. The Kickstarter campaign that was setup never acquired the funding and any plans to continue this film series disappeared. Gearhart also tried to crowd fund another series of films under the name The City With Two Faces. This also was never funded and the films Facebook page hasn’t been undated since 2015. I’m pretty confident none of these projects will ever see the light of day.


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