Another Blinky Productions fan film. There are several of them scattered around the Fan Film Follies site. This one is really short. I think the summary of the film will take you longer to read than actually watching the film.

Mysteriously resurrected from the dead, former Robin, Jason Todd has returned to set things right. Riddled with insanity after being revived in Ra’s Al Ghoul’s Lasurus pitt, Jason dawns the guise of the Red Hood. His plans, to capture the man who killed him (The Joker) and force Batman to do what he never had the courage to- avenge his death.

Blinky has always been hit and miss. I really enjoy Chris R. Notarile’s early fan films. He came about when the fan films were still in their infancy. Then this thing called YouTube came along. Technology became for sophisticated and cheaper. More and more people were making their own fan films and making them better.

I don’t post Blinky films anymore. There are a lot of them online and if you do a search on YouTube or Google you’ll find them. My reasons I don’t post them anymore is it doesn’t really seem the films have grown up. I don’t diminish any of the works by all means. I look back at Blinky’s old fan films which were awesome for the time. Then I look at the newer films and they just seem the same. I would expect, after all these years, a higher level of film making after the dozens of films already produced.

I’m not trying to be harsh here. I would just like to see Blinky and Chris go to the next level of film making. I’d like to see better scripts. I’d like to see better production values. And I sure as hell would love to see better acting. He’s been in the game a long time so as a viewer it is frustrating to see one of your favorite fan film makes remain stagnant.

You can read my first interview with Notarile from 2006 right here at the Fan Film Follies.

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