Injustice For All

An Original Joker Story. There isn’t much information about this fan film. You can check out the cast and crew to what they’ve done previously or what’s up and coming for them by hitting up IMDB. It’s filled with actors who have had minor parts in television and movies that I’m sure most of you are all aware of.

A re-imagined origin for comics most notorious villain. White Hand Films and Director Danny Mooney (Love and Honor starring Liam Hemsworth) bring you a truly original origin story. We follow Harlequin, as we have never seen her before, as she weaves a tale seeped in darkness, sadness, and romance to help us discover what makes the Clown Prince so unpredictably insane.

The film was co-written and directed by Hollywood actor Danny Mooney and edited by Glenn Garland who has also edited the likes of The Vampire Diaries, Banshee, Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies and the list goes on.

With all the talent behind this fan film rest assured that it lives up to the quality of the people behind it.

I find it interesting a lot of fan films are actually done by people involved in the Hollywood scene. You wonder what they’re overall goal is to put so much effort into these fan films. Is it to show that they can do Comic Book movies or is it just homage as fans. You wonder what their underlying goal is. According to the YouTube page the film is “made by fans for fans.” I guess that’s my answer.

The film can be pretty graphic. Probably nothing that any of you haven’t seen before, but it can get a little gruesome in some parts.

Injustice For All is a solid fan film with perfect acting and production values. Get yourself some popcorn, a cold Pepsi, have a seat and enjoy.


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