Hulk Meets Thing

The title explains it all. The Incredible Hulk meets The Ever Lovin’ Blue Eyed Thing. According to the BLOG this film was shot in Long Island, NY and completed in 1982 to show at the Creation Conventions. We’ve got a bit of Fan Film history here. Filled with popular pop culture figures like Darth Vader, Superman, The Blues Brothers, Spider-Man (among others) the short takes a tongue and cheek approach to the material. Hulk meets Thing was produced, directed and written by Bob Schreck, Bob Karwoski and Larry Riggiero, edited by Marc Hawwood, and starred Gerry Giovinco as Thing and Kevin Van Wagner as Hulk.


  • art rhetoric

    This was terrific. I liked this ‘ Thing’ better than the movie version.
    Wish I knew what groups the music track were taken from.

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