Hellraiser: Deader – Winter’s Lament

In 2005, an enigmatic man, known to his acolytes simply as “Winter,” possessed the ability to reanimate the dead, and used his power to create a cult of followers, known as the “Deaders.” His efforts, focused on harnessing and controlling the powers of the Lament Configuration puzzle box, led him to a confrontation against the iconic lead Cenobite and his subsequent death. HELLRAISER: DEADER – WINTER’S LAMENT takes us from Winter’s death to his life and back, exploring his history with the forces of Leviathan and the events that led to his confrontation with the Cenobites.

WEBSITE: http://www.winterslament.com

  • Please note that this film is presented on YouTube in 3 parts, and that the embedded video above is only part 1 of 3… The full film is available on YouTube and at the official website. Combined runtime ~30 min.

  • Oops. My bad. I have corrected this post and now you can view the entire movie. Thanks for the heads up.

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