Harley and Selina

Two of the Gotham Girls come together to hash it out in this older fan film. In this corner, weighing 140lbs and the number one main squeeze of the Clown Prince of crime is Harley Quinn. In the other corner, weighing 133lbs and the can steal your family jewels quicker than you can say pussy cat is Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman.

When Harley Quinn and Selina Kyle are both captured and brought to Arkham to pay for their crimes it’s up to a therapist to keep them from killing each other and deal with their new lives behind bars.

Let me start by telling you Harley and Selina is not a very good fan film. It’s badly shot, badly written and badly acted. In fact, it’s probably going to be hard to do a write up on this production. I just explained the whole film in a nutshell. So how did it make it to the Fan Film Follies picks? The short came out in 2009 when fan films were scarce. This was one of the few types of these films online at the time. You can tell how old it is for the fact it was uploaded to DailyMotion. Who the heck uses DailyMotion anymore?

In fact, this film has no redeeming qualities what so ever. It’s a train wreck.

Why are you hating on this film, Christopher?

Like a train wreck it’s hard to turn away. It’s so bad you just have to watch the whole thing. If you ever wanted to school yourself on how not to make a film then this should be in the curriculum. The production is nails on a chalk board.

With all the above said (or perhaps it was written) I can always applaud any film effort. It’s not easy making these things. It’s not easy putting any film together. As you know, there are all levels of skill sets depending on the fan film. You learn from doing and I can’t take that away from the people behind this production.


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