Gremlins: Recall

No bright lights. Don’t get him wet. Never feed him after midnight, no matter how much he begs. If you’re going to be keeping a Mogwai as a pet you’re just going to have to learn how to take care of it. When a young Billy Peltzeran breaks these rules with his newly adopted Mogwai, Gizmo, the next evolution stage of the Mogwai appears, and it doesn’t turn out well.

The original Gremlins movies was based Gremlins is based on a screenplay written by filmmaker Chris Columbus and was released in 1984. A sequel, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, came along in 1990 and then the property fell into obscurity with talks of another sequel or a reboot circling the drain.

For the 2017 Christmas season we see the release of the fan film Gremlins: Recall from director and writer Ryan Patrick. Leave it to the fans to bring back our favorite childhood memories.

A company by the name of Wing has created Mogwais that can be adopted as family pets with no ill consequences — or so they thought. Tiny terror is unleashed at a local diner when a teenage girl interferes with a Wing driver’s live cargo.

Gremlins: Recall is a highly produced sequel to the original Hollywood films. The quality is outstanding with performances you rarely see in your average fan film. We do see some seasoned veterans who have minor parts in some of your favorite televisions shows. Everything is on point with this short fan film and could easily be the first ten minutes of a Gremlins 3 Hollywood movie.

So heed the warning of the fan film follies. Take care of your Mogwai. Make sure you keep it out of that pesky sunlight. No showers for the little critter. And no Kentucky Fried chicken after midnight. Although, if you want to send me some Kentucky Fried chicken I would accept.

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