If someone was to ask me what my all-time favorite fan film was I would probably have to say Grayson. When this short fan teaser trailer was put online I must have sat at my computer and watched the damn thing a couple dozen times. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before in a live action, comic book format. You have to understand this was way before the big cinema superhero boom of today. This fan film was released in 2004 and watching it today it still holds up.

Batman has been murdered and the only man who can uncover the mystery behind his murder is his former partner, Dick Grayson aka Robin! Grayson uncovers a conspiracy the corrupt chief of police conspired with Batmans Rogue’s Gallery to kill him and now they’ve set their sights on, Grayson!

John Fiorella is the mastermind behind the fan film wearing the hats of Writer, Director, Producer and Actor portraying the character of Dick Grayson a.k.a. Robin. Fiorella’s love of the property oozes through the entire short.

Kimberly Page of WCW fame played a very sexy Catwoman. Yes, the Kimberly Page whose boob falls out in the speed dating scene in the 40-Year-Old-Virgin movie. And a nice boob it is. She is a perfect Catwoman.

You get glimpses of all the major villians; Joker, Penguin, Riddler – and then the ending is filled with your favorite Justice League characters. It was insane. I love it!

At the time, I’m one of those idiots that emailed Mr. Fiorella wondering when the full film would be released ignorant to the fact this was simply a demo for a possible feature film in the franchise. There would be no full length film. What did I know? It was 2004. Fan films were few and way, way, way far between.

Alright – I am going to post this write up and then go watch Grayson a couple more dozen times!



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