Friday XIII: Resurrection

“Friday XIII: Resurrection” is a brand new “Friday the 13th” fan film, set predominantly after the end of “Freddy vs. Jason”. The film concerns a group of English tourists, who unknowingly decide to camp near Crystal Lake whilst on a tour of the USA. Soon their idyllic vacation turns to horror as legendary psychopath Jason Voorhees turns up.

The film’s cast is headed by Emma Read in the role of Sally, the feisty centre of the gang, along with her boyfriend Jack (Luke Kemp) & their friends Mark (Chris Toumazou) & Derek (Josh Render). The role of Jason is played by Sharif Elboushi, whilst the cast is rounded out by Dania Riad as Louise, Matt Walker as Paul, and Pete Murfet as the ‘Filthy, Slimy, Pervert’; plus one extra special secret guest star!

The film was produced by Sharif Elboushi for Scary Movies, in association Pete Murfet of Gribblefluster Productions. The film is written, directed, edited & photographed by Pete Murfet, a veteran of several short films including the acclaimed “The Clean Up”, “Shadows Near”, “Fear From Beyond” and “Mommy’s Here”. Running 42 minutes, “Friday XIII: Resurrection” is the longest & most ambitious film yet from Gribblefluster Productions. Currently Murfet is working on several original projects, including a segment of a feature-length anthology film for producer/director Nik Box (“Dracula vs. Ninja on the Moon”, “Brutal Jesus”).

Production on the film began in May 2009, with the aim of filming one or two days a week over the summer and releasing online in November of that year. However scheduling and technical problems meant that filming could occur far less frequently than hoped, with the final day of shooting not coming until March 2011. The film was finally completed and released online on Friday the 13th of May 2011. It was shot entirely on location at Denham Country Park and Black Park in Buckinghamshire, England. Backing onto Pinewood Studios, Black Park is a popular film location being host to several Hammer Horrors (including “Dracula Prince of Darkness”), alongside such diverse films as “Casino Royale” and “Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire”.

For more information on Gribblefluster Productions including all previous films, please visit the official Facebook page.

For more information about “Friday XIII: Resurrection”, including viewing the film online, please visit the official Facebook page.

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