Star Wars: Dark Legacy

The force is strong with this one. And the force is strong with 2017 when Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out this December. But how will we curb your craving for that galaxy far, far away until then? We can start with some quality fan films. Let us begin here.

“Training is complete only with the death of the Master or the Student.” Dark Legacy is an unofficial Star Wars story from director Anthony Pietromonaco. It takes place at the moment when a dark master gives his greatest apprentice the ultimate test. Drawing influence from films such as the the Matrix, Tron, and Aliens, Dark Legacy is a fan film unlike any other.

Dark Legacy has special effects from Jaremy Aiello, and Mo Meinhart (Star Trek, The Walking Dead) and fight choreography by Phil Tan and Z Teams (Pirates of the Caribbean, Dragon Ball Z – Light of Hope).

I have a confession for you all. I’m pretty sick of fan films that are just lightsaber duels. Personally, I find them boring. I’ve mentioned in other Star Wars fan films I’ve posted. There are just so many of them out there. Some of them are good. Some of them are not so good. And if I’m bored with them I know a majority of you have to be bored with them. If not, hit YouTube and you will find a shit load of them.

This time I make the exception with Dark Legacy. Not only is it an extremely crafted short film it has something to say before the lightsabers come out.

Crafted by a team from some of our favorite movies and television shows Dark Legacy is a good start to get that excitement going for this year’s block buster event. Yes. I’m talking about The Last Jedi again. Make the jump to lighspeed and check out this fan film.

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