Doctor Who: A Survivor’s Triangle

A Ten Part independent film, The Doctor travels to Earth and meets college student Jessica Ridgemond. Jessica is trying to escape her home life with a domineering step-father, and formerly strong-willed mother who has gone quite “Stepford Wife” of late. Upon reaching campus, she notices a “Mysterious gent who emerges from an anonymous blue box…” Jessica’s life will never be the same again!


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  • Dr. Goo

    Yikes all talk no action. Not good Tennant-isms to the extreme and the Master is like 60 years old. Boo

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  • art rhetoric

    Not sure what to make of it. Actors were o.k. They must have rehearsed their lines and were quite ready. The Master is a scary person, actor pulls off the bully well.
    I agree with the previous post, The Doctor is a bit overplayed with Tennant rantings to Nth degree. He didn’t cover new ground…Jokes often poked fun of the show itself.

    Nice Tardis, but it didn’t have it’s own room, it was obviously was just filmed inside some house. Story must be quite long, I only watched 1st part out of a 10 part story and it was about as long as most Fan films run total. Final analysis – Its a Fan boy creation.

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