Deadpool Musical: A Beauty and the Beast “Gaston” Parody

I have a little story about this Deadpool Fan Film. Let me start by indicating I get a lot of odd emails in my Fan Film Follies email folder. Maybe odd isn’t the right word. I get a mixed bag of strangeness. Is that a better way to phrase that?

Sometimes, I get emails from people with links to their films that use existing footage. That’s not a fan film if you’re pulling footage from some Hollywood movie and editing it into your own creation. I’m not saying it can’t be cool, but not a fan film.

When NSFW emailed me their new film I clicked on the link and watched about ten seconds of it. I thought it was cut scenes from the Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool movie. I’ve only seen the film once so don’t remember everything about it. I quickly dismissed this parody, emailed them back indicating what I just told you and went about my small, little life.

I received an email back stating, “Heh. Idiot.”

They didn’t state idiot, but they should have.

They did state, “This was all, 100% original footage, filmed by my crew and over the course of two days in February. Nothing here is footage from the Deadpool (2016) film.”

This crew has already done a good amount of these films in the past; Firefly: The Verse, Fallout: Nuka Break, Captain America: The Fighting Avenger and The Adventures Of Young Jack Sparrow.

Now they bring you the Deadpool Musical: A Beauty and the Beast “Gaston” Parody.

Who knew the “Merc with a Mouth” could sing?! Well, he can – in this lovingly, fan-created musical mashup of “Deadpool” and “Beauty & the Beast”. Featuring a NSFW parody of the classic song “Gaston”, as only Deadpool can deliver!

Our hapless hero, Deadpool, enters a bar looking for a little trouble (what else?) – and then the musical mayhem begins. From the beautiful baroque intro of the bartender, Deadpool fights off a bevy of mercenaries all hoping to kill our hero and win the dead pool. Luckily, Black Widow, Rogue, and Psylocke happen to be in the bar, but less than willing to help our mutated mouthy hero. Thank goodness Spider-Man literally drops in to lend a hand before the final battle involving everyone in the bar. All set to a for-mature-audiences only version of Beauty & The Beast’s “Gaston”! And like any super hero piece, be sure to stay past the credits for a little something “X-tra.” This fan film has already received over 4M views on YouTube alone, and been covered by CNET, Mashable, ScreenRant, Comedy Central Online, and others.

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