Daywalker: Blade Origins

Now that Marvel Studios has the Blade rights back in the Disney camp hopefully they will green light a new film. Even better would be a Netflix show. That’s probably the best outlet for the Daywalker. In the meantime we’ll have to leave it up to the fans to bring our favorite vampire killer to live action.

“Daywalker: Blade Origins” is a fan film based on the origins of Marvel Comics’ Blade. Flashbacks show a feral young Eric Brooks (Kal El Smith) who encounters a Vampire Hunter by the name of Jamal Afari (Michael Monteiro). Eric unites with Afari who eventually becomes his mentor and trainer. Years later, an older Brooks (Byron Smith), who now knows he is part Vampire and part Mortal, joins a gang of Vampires known as the “Bloodshadows” led by Cyrus Cutter (Markiss McFadden). Brooks battles with the vampires including bad girl Lamia (Moorea Wolf) who has her own agenda for the Daywalker Brooks. Out of all of the Bloodshadows, one particularly catches Brooks’s eye– Glory Anah (Lamorae Siggal)– girlfriend of Cyrus. The two share hidden feelings for each other. With so much at stake, Brooks fights his way to ultimately become the hero better known as “Blade.”

Blade originally first appeared in The Tomb of Dracula #10 in July 1973 as a minor character. He was created by comic book geniuses Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan. His popularity kicked off a series of comics that eventually propelled the character to the Wesley Snipe motion picture trilogy and then a short lived television series starring Kirk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones.

Daywalker: Blade Origins is a quality Blade adaption. It is a Fan Film Follies pick after all. And don’t miss the cool cameo of another Marvel character about half way through the film.

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