Catwoman: The Diamond Exchange

The role of Catwoman for this fan film outing was credited as Niki Notarile in 2006. She currently goes by the last name Rubin.

Chris R. Notarile is the filmmaker for Catwoman: The Diamond Exchange produced through his Blinky Productions.

So why the name change? I don’t know. You fill in the blanks.

This mini-series tells the story about a diamond named “The Eye”, a rare jewel imported from Japan to Gotham as part of an international tour around the world. On its final night in town, Gotham’s own Catwoman attempts to make a pass at the Eye while in transportation from the museum to the airport. But things quickly heat up for Catwoman as the diamond transporters aren’t so willing to part with their package.

Blinky Productions and Chris have hands down produced more fan films that any other entity. He came around when the fan film genre was just in its infancy and he produced a lot of pretty good shorts. I haven’t heard about Blinky Productions for a few years now until I did a little research for this posting. Chris is still making fan films.

Originally, this was aimed as a web series, but has since been cut together as one complete production. In my opinion, this is probably one of the better Blinky Productions efforts. Niki is certainly one of the better or maybe even best version of the character I’ve seen to date playing the cat.

I do have to chuckle at the fact that the typical locations of a car garage and a hotel room was used to film at. Besides the woods, car garages and hotel rooms have a habit of creeping into half the fan films I watch. I get it. There easy and cheap locations to film at.

You can read my first interview with Notarile from 2006 right here at the Fan Film Follies.

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