Catwoman: Nine Lives

Meredith Riley Stewart plays the title character of Selina Kyle (A.K.A. Catwoman) in this 2005 fan film. I checked out Stewart’s IMDB page and although she’s not a big star she does have some impressive credits since her debut in 2005.

Anthony L. Fletcher wrote and directed the original film and what I’m reading on his IMDB page he’s going to do a follow-up Catwoman Retribution aimed at a 2018 Catwoman Retribution. Also by checking out IMDB it looks like a new actress takes over for the cat with an attitude.

Double crossed and left for dead, Catwoman returns seeking revenge and defending her beloved East End from the notorious Black Mask.

We’ll have to keep an eye on Fletcher and see how that all works out.

So Catwoman: Nine Lives. As indicated it was released in 2005. And it seems I’ve been writing this for all fan films close to a decade old, but the film shows its age. Joker makes an appearance. His makeup is less than stellar. The acting isn’t terrible, but definitely in or circling soap opera quality.

The Gotham mob wants control of the east end, but only one person stands in their way. . . . Catwoman.

What’s cool is it’s the first appearance I can of think of that we see a live action Harley Quinn. The actress does look like and sounds like her cartoon counterpart. We also get the classic version of the Catwoman costume and then the new turn of the century version. Batman is solid enough with his costume jumping out of comic book pages instead of the rubber man suit used in the Tim Burton versions.

For an extra special treat I interviewed Anthony Fletcher way back in 2006. You can check out that interview right here at the Fan Film Follies.


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