Black Canary – The Five Faces Project

A story in the day in the life of Dinah Lance. By day, she tends bar to the police of Star City, but by night it’s Dinah who really keeps the streets safe. Living up to the legacy of her policeman father in a different way, she takes on the identity of the Black Canary. But as Dinah soon finds out, her activities haven’t gone unnoticed.


The makers of The Five Faces Project have set their videos to private. At this time the clip below is the only video online for their Black Canary fan film. Once these come back online the Fan Film Follies will make sure to post the entire film.

For now there’s a small clip of the film that was posted on Vimeo to give you a little taste.

  • art rhetoric

    I like it..Well done…Looks like a promising Film group.

  • They did a great job with this one and their The Shadow short. I wasn’t to crazy about their Booster Gold entry, but you can’t win them all. Others may enjoy.

  • Good stuff overall — shot beautifully and lit extremely well, I feel it really didn’t do too well with the acting. But hey, Ivy in “Hothouse” was nothing tremendous either! Hence why we recast in “Nightwing”. In any case, I give it a 7/10. Brian Morvant did the stunts so it gets a 7.5 because he does fight choreography for “Nightwing” baby!!

  • cmoshier

    What small circles the Fan Film Community walks.

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