Batman: Knightfall

In my opinion the best rendition of The Batman came in the form of the 1990s Batman: The Animated Series cartoon. To date, there has been no better Batman in animation or live action than Kevin Conroy’s portrayal. I guess the only reason Conroy has never played Batman in live action form is he’s not exactly a big Hollywood name. It may also be the fact he’s a skinny guy. It would still be cool to see him play the Caped Crusader outside of animation.

The quality fan film, animated short Batman: Knightfall by Allan Agustin s based on the now classic Animated Series cartoon.

As Bruce Wayne considers hanging up his cape and cowl for good, a mysterious assassin known only as Bane unleashes Batman’s rogue’s gallery on Gotham City. To defeat them, Wayne must push himself to unimaginable limits, aided by his reckless partner Jason Todd. What will happen when he reaches the breaking point?

I could only imagine the number of love hours put into this project. Animation is a tough cookie to crack and time consuming. But I don’t have to tell you things you already know.

This posted version of the short film has no sound. Allan was forced to mute the sound due to copyright infringement because it utilized music from the animated movie Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. That really makes no sense. How many Star Wars fan films have I seen that utilizes the John Williams catalog of Star Wars themes. YouTube makes zero sense at times. I’m sure some hateful bastard flagged the video to feel good about themselves.

Anyways – throw on some of your favorite Hans Zimmer while watching and you’ll get the similar effect.


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