Batman: Hothouse

The Batman: Hothouse fan film brings a villain we don’t normally get to see in a fan film production, Poison Ivy. It’s always refreshing to see a Batman fan film without having the Joker be the major antagonist. In fact, the Joker is nowhere to be seen. And there are very sexy girls with lots and lots of cleavage. That’s always a plus.

Nicholas Thornhill, one of the wealthiest and most intelligent men in Gotham City, is found dead on his doorstep, seemingly plummeting to his death from several stories above. Batman arrives at the crime scene and finds Pamela Isley, a.k.a. Poison Ivy, amongst the crowd. Suspicion begins to arouse with the Gotham police force and Batman that Isley is behind Thornhill’s death. As the plot thickens, friends become enemies and corruption in the Gotham police force runs deeper than ever, and Isley is placed in more danger than she ever thought possible.

If Batman was ever made into a soap opera this is probably as close as to what it would look like. The fan film is filled with a lot of acting you would see on something like General Hospital. It’s also written like a soap opera. There’s lots a melodrama without any action to be seen.

For a Batman fan film there isn’t a lot of Batman. He seems to come off as just a side character. He pops up here and there between the love triangle and the double cross. This fan film is mostly Poison Ivy’s show. That is fine. At time, the Batman can remain in the shadows. Another note is that for being a Billionaire, Bruce Wayne really needs a hair cut.

This is worth a look. It’s nothing ground breaking. What the fan film has going for it is that the production just isn’t one big fight like many Batman fan flicks. It actually has a plot and a story.

Check out our interviews we had with Writer and Director of Batman: Hothouse, Alex Valderana.

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