Batman: Deliverance

This stylish Batman fan film gives a different look than most fan films out there. But of course! The director is French. It seems every French fan film I watch always has a distinct style away from the norm. And that isn’t a terrible thing. It’s just an observation I’ve had over the years.

French director Pierre Desgranges and Atomic Production have produced a Dark Knight Returns-inspired short film called Batman Deliverance that takes key elements of Frank Miller’s landmark comic — an aging Bruce Wayne, a Gotham plunged into chaos — and adds a bit of a twist. A hirsute, clawed twist. Batman has retired from the superheroes’ stage and Gotham City is plunged into chaos. As Bruce Wayne is getting older and suffering from serious problem drinking, is he going to resist to the Dark Night call for a last fight, a heroic fighting with an awesome adversary?

Batman: Deliverance in essence is a showdown between the Dark Knight and some mutant with claws and a healing factor. As indicated the film is style with little substance. It’s basically a fight between these two comic book icons.

Eric Belkheir who plays Batman should have hit the gym before taking on The Wolverine. This is a very strange casting decision for this fan film. There’s a shot wear the shirtless Belkheir is walking up to the Batman suit with his shirt off. He’s an older Bruce Wayne indeed, but it looks like a Bruce Wayne who drinks a six pack of Miller every night after patrolling the streets.

As far as strange casting I guess the same could be said for Wolverine. Pascal Breuil portrays the character. Although he does look the part he’s a little bit skinny.

Perhaps these are just semantics. Being released in 2010 this is one of the few fan films that were out there among the hundreds that are on YouTube today. Batman: Deliverance is still an enjoyable short among its flaws. And that’s what we expect from fan films, right? They’re not perfect. They’re made by fans for fans. Case in point with this production.



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