Batman: Death Wish

Jennifer Zhang shares her latest joint-nerdy fan film endeavor with the Follies. Batman: Death Wish is written by Zhang and directed by Matthew Hiscox. They both co-produced. Death Wish premiered it at the Arizona Comic Con this past weekend.

The film is an original Batman story — 12 minutes long — written in a way that pays homage to the Animated Series, and shot to stylistically resemble a combination of the Joel Schumacher Batman movies and the Batman comics of the mid-90s. The plot synopsis, director’s note, production stills, and preview videos can be found at

The film is directed by Matthew Hiscox, who previously wrote and directed an “Army of Two: 40th Day” fan film that was selected from hundreds of entrants for a videogame filmmaking award ceremony hosted by G4TV and featured on “Attack of the Show”. Matt produced “Batman: Death Wish” with Jennifer Zhang, writer/producer of the feature film “Dead Inside” (world premiering in February 2012) and creator of the viral “Street Fighter High” web series that was featured on And we’re happy to say the film features the cinematography of Andrew Ceperley, a director of photography whose staggering body of work is best grasped here on his imdb page.


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