Batman Beyond: Year One

It’s crazy how long I’ve known Aaron Schoenke. It’s not like we’re buddy, buddy or anything. I’ve had the opportunity to interview him three times and been keeping an eye on his progress. Perhaps known is the wrong phrasing. Known of him is more appropriate.

I first interviewed Aaron over a decade ago when he was still in High School when I had just started Fan Film Follies. This was when fan films were few and far between. I don’t even remember if YouTube was around. If anything it was in its infancy. Google was a new thing. If I recall correctly, MySpace just started to emerge. Thinking back as I write this it astounds me how much the internet has changed in such a short span of time.

It’s pretty interesting going back watching Aaron’s very first fan film compared to what he’s producing today. What a transformation over the years. Pretty incredible.

Batman Beyond: Year One deals with a new Batman, Terry McGinnis, dark past. Terry must deal with haunting memories as a friend from the past returns with a price on his head. When problems occur, Terry is willing to risk his secret identity in order to save his friend, but is he willing to live with the consequences?

Year One is like Aaron’s training film. You won’t find it on his IMDB page. ( It certainly looks crude compared to what he’s making today and compared to the fan films being released today. But as I’ve indicated time and time again in the pages of the Follies finding fan films back then compared to now is a whole new thing. It was like a treasure hunt of sorts.

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