Batgirl: Spoiled Web Series

Spoiled was a very short lived webseries. So short lived it only made it to two episodes dependent to continue by funding from IndieGoGo. Warner Brothers didn’t like the fact that this series was going to be crowdfunded and the campaign for funding was shut down by them. It really makes little sense since crowdfunding for fan films isn’t anything new. Why did this campaign get shut down as opposed to others is anyone’s guess. Warner Brothers has always pretty much left DC character fan films alone.

As quoted from the official series FaceBook page:

As of yesterday afternoon our IndieGoGo has received a take-down notice from Warner Brothers. Thus our crowdfunding campaign is canceled. We are working directly with IndieGoGo to make sure all those who donated to the campaign are refunded. We don’t know yet how long this will take as of this posting, but we are working to make it as expedient as possible.
Considering this development Batgirl: Spoiled is going to go on a temporary, possibly permanent hiatus while we consider the fiscal and legal ramifications of going forward. If and when we have updates you can expect them here.

To be clear, we always knew this was a possible outcome of our series, and in recent months similar series with various IP have run into this same issue. We hold no ill will toward WB for this action, as it was their legal right. We were only borrowing the story from WB/DC they had every right to ask for it back.

This is a risk we took when we came together to make this series years ago, and we knew some day this might happen and well its happened and we’re moving on. We’ll have new projects in the future, and maybe one day Batgirl will again be on that list, and we’ll be happy to see you all there when and if that happens.

Until then… speaking on behalf of everyone who made Batgirl: Spoiled over the past few years, thank you for your fandom, and thank you for your support. We will make a more lengthy statement in video form in the next few days / weeks on the YouTube page.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and (perhaps only temporarily) Batgirl: Spoiled signing off…

Highly doubtful the series will ever pick up steam again. Not only has it been five years since the first episode went online, but Marisha Ray, the actress who played Batgirl, is having a successful run over on the series Super Power Beat Down.

Stephanie Brown has never lead a charmed life. But as a part of Gotham’s famed ‘Bat Family’, she has thwarted themed evil-doers and become extremely skilled in her trade. Her world now is one of adrenaline and danger, duty and honor. She has been striving her whole life to get here, but is this really what she wants?


  • art rhetoric

    I thoroughly enjoyed BatGirl:Spoiled, very smoothly done film. Surprise ending,too. I am not sure of the premise, since I haven’t kept up on Batman comics. Looks like Oracle and a new Batgirl are the characters.

    I will definately keep tabs on this production crew, they seem to know what they are doing.

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