Ash vs. Lobo and The DC Dead

This is the great thing about fan films. This is why there are and should be fan films! Who in the wild, wild world of imagination would ever think they would see a production with Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi’s grand creation teaming up with DC Comic’s Main Man. I don’t think I’ve seen Lobo in a fan film since The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special released over a decade ago.

Ash vs. Lobo and The DC Dead is a direct sequel to Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness starring, once again, David VonHippchen as our chainsaw handed hero. Scratch that. In this case our Iron Man gauntlet wearing hero.

Evil Dead’s Ash and the DC Universe collide in this sequel to 2013’s Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness fan film. After narrowly escaping a zombie infested NYC and a pack of blood-thirsty (Marvel) superheroes, Ash Williams finds himself suddenly transported to a whole new universe. Can he stop the supernatural apocalypse?

Rarely is a fan film released online come with such “A” rated, Hollywood caliber production values. This has no reflection on the other films I put on the site. I’m always happy to post a fan film in all calibers of experience levels as long as it has something new to say. In this case, not only is there something new to say, but the acting, make-up, costuming, practical effects and special effects are outstanding. And it has a story. This short film actually has a story. Something lacking in a lot of fan films put online today. With a majority of these flicks, most of the time the films just have two or more characters fighting for five or ten minutes and that’s it.

So sit back, relax and take twenty minutes out of your day to be entertained. You won’t be disappointed by this one.

And let me just add a final comment. The film has the greatest Supergirl costume ever!

  • Brian Rosenthal

    Thanks! The cast and crew appreciate it.

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