Arkham Rising

It’s always fun to check out the deleted scenes that didn’t make it into our favorite movies. How about a deleted scene that never even happened? In this case a fan made deleted scene that fits into The Dark Knight Rises.

“It is necessary evil.”

And what the hell is up with that voice?

Following Batman’s defeat at the hands of the mercenary known as Bane, Gotham City has fallen into chaos. Criminals have been freed to roam the streets. Gotham City is held hostage as not even the National Guard can find a way to release Gotham from its captors.

Law enforcement has broken down. The guards at Arkham Asylum, hearing the fate of their counterparts at Black Gate Prison, have abandoned their posts. Only the mentally unstable inmates and those foolish enough to try and engage them remain in Arkham now.

Arkham Rising is a fan film meant to answer one of the most asked fan questions at the end of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and set the stage for a post Dark Knight Rises Gotham. This fan film was created by fans as a tribute to what has been referred to as one of the greatest trilogies in movie history.

Written and directed by Canadian independent filmmaker Tito Guillen, this nod to the Nolan Batmanverse spotlights some of the Caped Crusaders rogues gallery that never made it into the trilogy. We even see a certain blonde psychologist show up right in the beginning which makes me sad. Could you imagine if Heath Ledger never passed away? It makes me think how much different The Dark Knight Rises could have been. Would we even of seen a Bane in the third film? I would bet a Joker and Harley Quinn based movie. That would’ve been epic.

Enjoy this five minute short Fan Film. And remember – “Now’s not the time for fear. That comes later.”


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