Aquaman: The Cast Of The Angler

Arthur Curry is a millionaire Marine Biologist who has founded the Curry Institute. He is actually Aquaman in disguise, trying to keep tabs on human activity and prevent land dwellers from destroying the ocean. Our story gets a plot when the evil Angler introduces a toxin to the ocean in order to blackmail the Pacific Coast into giving him 24 million dollars. While courageous Katy King (Arthur’s love interest) works on finding an anti-toxin, Aquaman uses his underwater resources to find the secret hideout of the Angler. But the Angler is one step ahead of him, and kidnaps Katy (who’s just discovered the anti-toxin, of course) while preparing for Arthur’s attack. When he does attack, Aquaman easily defeats the stupid henchmen, but the Angler has set a trap for him.

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