The Further Adventures of Star Trek: Unity: ‘Warriors of Qo’nos’ and ‘A Good Day to Die’

If you’re going to play in the Star Trek universe, sooner or later you’re going to run into the Klingons.

That’s what happens when the characters of The Further Adventures of Star Trek: Unity become embroiled in a two-part adventure that may very well prove to be “a good day to die.”

The story starts on a festive note as the crew of the U.S.S. Odyssey helps Jimb’a (Adam Best) celebrate his 47th birthday.

At one point during the party, Eleanor (Emma Long) tries to kiss Captain Lewis (Luke Sutton, who also wrote and directed this independent production), but he turns away.

The following morning, Lewis wakes up with a hangover…and a Klingon named Kolothus (Michael Hamilton) standing in his quarters!

The visitor explains that he used a long-distance transporter to seek the captain’s help for Chancellor Martok and the Klingon Empire.

When Lewis asks why Kolothus came to him instead of contacting Starfleet Command, the visitor says that he’s on a secret mission and then uses the transporter to beam Lewis and himself to the Klingon home world, Qo’nos.

Once inside the Great Hall, Kolothus shows the captain an ancient document that was recently unearthed in an archaeological dig.

Lewis recognizes the text on the parchment as written in an ancient dialect and contains clues for a quest to find Kahless, the leader who established the Klingon Empire centuries ago.

But to accomplish this mission, Lewis says he needs his crewmates, so he contacts Jimb’a and tells him to bring the Odyssey to Qo’nos.

Once his friends arrive, the captain explains that the chancellor has asked the Starfleet officers to complete the quest to avoid running the risk of igniting a feud with his political rivals, who are also seeking the prize with the goal of controlling the empire.

At that moment, the building is rocked by an explosion that enables agents of the rival Duras family to take the document and kill Kolothus at the same time.

Now that Martok’s enemies have the parchment, the Starfleet officers must move quickly to complete the quest before the rival Klingons do.

Before long, the trio arrives at a bridge that was the site of one of Kahless’s biggest victories They determine that they must turn a wheel on a water control device three times to pass the first test, that of strength.

When the captain and Jimb’a approach the wheel, Lewis asks why his friend’s heart isn’t in the quest, and he replies that “I don’t like Klingons” because they killed his wife and children during a battle on his home world 22 years earlier.

When the wheel is turned, a bat’letth and a mysterious box float to the surface. The artifact contains instructions for the next leg of the quest, which leads them to the site of another battle won by Kahless.

As they arrive at the second destination, Lewis scans the area and locates another box buried underground. As the captain and Eleanor dig to unearth the next clue, the Doctor explains to his friend that regarding romance, “I’ve got friends, I’ve got Starfleet, and I’ve got memories of what was. That’s enough for me.”

When they find the box, Lewis uses his tricorder to detect a sharp object inside and deduces that the item is to test the finder’s sacrifice by inserting a hand into the object.

Determining that the test is only required to prove a willingness to sacrifice, the captain tells Eleanor to put her hand inside the box, and it’s cut so that the few drops of blood open the artifact revealing the final stop in the quest.

Suddenly, a Klingon named Joghjech (Harry Mabbett) and a Bird of Prey materialize, and the Klingon demands that Lewis surrender the scroll or die.

Finders keepers,” the captain responds as he pulls out the bat’letth he’d found earlier, and Joghjech brandishes two small mek’leth swords as the duel begins.

The fight ends in a brutal draw before Joghjech and Eleanor are beamed into the Bird of Prey, which cloaks and speeds away

Because Lewis is left unconscious, Jimb’a carries him to the final destination, where the captain awakens.

Meanwhile, Joghjech grills Eleanor in his ship’s engineering section in an effort to learn where the body of Kahless can be found, but she responds that she was unable to translate what was written on the parchment.

Back on Qo’nos, the captain digs up the final box, which contains a surprising message.

Spoiler Alert: If you’d rather watch the fan film’s ending yourself, skip down to the link at the end of this article. If not, just continue reading.

Qapla, whoever you are and from wherever you hail,” the text begins. “You are now true Klingons. Songs should be sung about your victory, your skill and your honor in finding this.

“Though this journey ends here, you have found me, you have found Kahless, for everything I am is what you experienced along the way,” Lewis states while reading the final sentence on the scroll.

Jimb’a volunteers to deliver their findings to the Klingons, while Lewis beams up to the Odyssey to locate the starship where Eleanor is being held and try to rescue her.

Along the way, Captain Lewis does something unusual for him: He puts on his Starfleet uniform, the style used in the final seasons of Deep Space Nine and the final Next Generation movies, as he recalls the experiences he’d shared with Eleanor.

Before Jimb’a can return to the Great Hall, he’s grabbed by Kolothus, who explains that he survived the blast because members of his species have many redundant organs.

The Klingon states that if the Odyssey crewman had tried to simply enter the building, he would have been killed by agents of the house of Duras before his findings could be presented to the High Council.

While Jimb’a explains to the empire’s leaders what he and his friends discovered, Eleanor is able to reach a Klingon D’k tahg knife and cut off her bonds. Then she uses the controls in that chamber to decloak the vessel, which enables the Odyssey to locate it quickly.

When Joghjech refuses the captain’s offer of going back to Qo’nos and sharing the wisdom of Kahless together, the ships begin a space battle that ends when Eleanor is also able to lower the Bird of Prey’s shields.

Lewis beams aboard the Klingon vessel and rescues Eleanor just before the starship explodes, killing everyone aboard.

With the adventure completed, the Doctor tells Eleanor that Kahless had to move on after losing his first love, something he should do as well. The final scene shows Lewis and Eleanor studying the Klingon language in a warm embrace.

Now were did I leave my turtle-headed Clint Eastwood hat? Ah, there it is!

The Good: Like Jimb’a, I’m not a big fan of the Klingons. Still, this two-parter put them to good use while remaining true to the background and weapons of Star Trek’s most popular antagonists.

The story also had some interesting developments regarding all three of the main characters, and it balanced those nicely with some battles both on the ground and in space. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Lewis, Jimb’a and Eleanor in future episodes.

The Bad: It wasn’t too bright for Joghjech to imprison Eleanor in his ship’s engineering section, where she was able to get free, shut down the cloaking device and lower the shields. After this episode, let’s hope the Klingons decide to add brigs to their Birds of Prey.

The Ugly: It’ll be a while until “Revolutions,” the next episode of The Further Adventures of Star Trek: Unity, is released, but if you just can’t wait, check out an extended preview here.

If you want to view this two-part adventure, go to this Website. And if you want to learn more about the folks behind The Further Adventures of Star Trek: Unity, point your Web browser here.

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